Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our business model, we promote development in each of the main countries in which we work. It is one of INSUCO’s founding principles to maintain only a limited presence in developed countries and instead set up companies in the countries in which we work in order to foster their development by paying national and local taxes, creating permanent jobs and building local capacities.

In addition, we provide ongoing training for both our permanent and contract staff. This training is either delivered by specialist training providers (for permanent staff) or by our project managers or experts as part of specific studies and assessments (for contract staff). Our focus on training extends beyond INSUCO’s own activities as we also encourage our experts to take part in the various conferences, forums and national workshops held in developing countries and to become involved in these countries’ universities.

More generally, INSUCO supports local entrepreneurship by helping entrepreneurs in the sectors in which we work to set up companies and then develop their businesses by working with them on a regular basis and recommending them to our clients. The advantage of this is twofold as, not only does this approach support national and local entrepreneurship, but it also helps reduce costs for our clients, both of which help ensure the sustainable development of the countries in which we are based.

Ethics - Governance

We have come together around shared principles of mutual respect, teamwork, integrity and transparency. Our approach is steeped in these values and our procedures constantly seek to prevent, detect and eliminate opportunities for pressure or corruption so we can work in an atmosphere of trust and responsibility.

Sustainable Development

Our commitment to sustainable development underpins our very existence.

We are, in essence, committed to a sustainable development approach both in our work to satisfy our clients’ needs and in our day-to-day operation.

Our multi-cultural teams are constructed and work in a spirit of mutual respect, sharing, transparency and integrity.

We strive to respect the environment and encourage the on-going development of ecologically responsible values and behaviours.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is our primary concern and we work hard to ensure the safest possible working conditions.

Our experience in the field has enabled us to set up prevention measures and procedures that guarantee a healthy and highly secure working environment that complies with the best international standards, enabling us to work on world-class projects.