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Environmental and social due diligence associated with the construction of the museum of the epic of the Amazons and the Kings of Danhomé on the Court of the Amazons in Abomey and the rehabilitation of the surrounding palatial site

Client : Expertise France

Region / Country: Africa | Benin
Services: Studies
Client category: Cooperation agencies


The Insuco – Egnon Consulting group was mandated by Expertise France to carry out the environmental and social due diligence associated with the construction of the museum of the epic of the Amazons and Kings of Danhomé and the rehabilitation of the four surrounding palatial sites (Guézo, Glélé, Gbéhanzin and Agoli-Agbo). The specific objectives were the following:

  • To develop an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and a Cultural and Physical Resources Management Plan (CPRMP), including an archaeological study, for each sub-project;
  • Establish a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) for the two sub-projects, including a participatory and consultative mechanism adapted from the start of the service, in order to ensure the social acceptance of the project and the information of the populations throughout the implementation of the project.

The consortium coordinated the actions of two teams, an environmental and social team to carry out the ESIAs, and a team of archaeologists in charge of the archaeological study included in the Cultural and Physical Resource Management Plans, themselves integrated into the ESIAs.


The Insuco – Egnon Consulting group provided the following services and deliverables:
• One ESIA report per site, including ESMP, PPGTP, RAP, PGRCP and archaeological study.
• All the tools:
o necessary to manage the mission (dashboards, reports, etc.) and prepared as part of the preparatory mission;
o monitoring and implementation of the deployment activities of the various plans.
• Minutes of all meetings or meetings held throughout the mandate, including quarterly follow-up meetings;
• Reports at each end of the on-site mission to inform on the progress of the projects, the difficulties encountered, to make recommendations on future actions to be carried out;
• Proofreading of activity reports reviewed at the end of each month by the Community Relations Officer based on pre-established frames to ensure compliance for the 1st year only;
• Performance activity reports provided quarterly.

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