Agriculture & Agro-industry

Concerted management of resources and territory, for the integration and sustainable development of your projects

Our approach in the agriculture, plantation and agro-industry sector is based on an integrated management of the agro-ecological, political, economic and social variables. We intervene from the diagnosis phase to the implementation and/or technical assistance for a strategy of action, to guarantee the integration of the project in its local, national and even international context, while seeking the best performance of the project and its participation in the development of the territory.

Our goal is to analyse the project’s direct environment and take into consideration the entire value chain and the stakeholders (producers, processors, suppliers, clients, investors, transporters, distributors, consumers…) so that our recommendations may be integrated into both local logic and the chain on a more global scale. Additionally, we have developed strong expertise regarding certification processes, for both sustainable agriculture and sector-specific specifications (RSPO, Organic Farming, UTZ, Bonsucro…).

We provide on-going support at every stage of your project, thanks to solutions that combine:


Tools to assist decision-making


Planning that considers the local context in the development of multiple scenarios


Technical assistance for the implementation of the adopted strategies


Local capacity building

Our solutions

Project Design

  • Legal reviews relating to the socio-economic aspects
  • Decryption of local land to ensure the sustainability of the project
  • Study of the existing sector from the understanding of the chain base to the final consumers
  • Participation in the development of the business plan and strategies for each link in the chain
  • Social Impact Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan…

Project Start-Up

  • Technical assistance in the implementation of the project
  • Stakeholder engagement to ensure project integration
  • Technical and commercial solutions adapted to the direct socio-economic environment of the project
  • Facilitation of access to land in customary land contexts
  • Implementation of a human resources management policy…

Life of the Project

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Investment Strategy
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the project and its impacts
  • Building local skills and capacities…

How can we help you?

We provide on-going support to private sector, public and civil society actors through effective approaches based on our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ issues and local contexts.

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