Recent and ongoing projects

Carrying out a multidisciplinary research on internal migration in relation to the topics of interest of the project “REAP: Responding to threats to peace and social cohesion linked to uncontrolled migration by supporting the empowerment and promotion of women in Madagascar”

Client : International Organization for Migration (IOM)


The mission consisted in carrying out an exploratory study on coastal migration in the Menabe region in order to evaluate the evolution of the phenomenon over time, to better understand the dynamics of the impacts on the good management of marine and coastal resources and the associated aspects of governance and social cohesion, and thus to better take this phenomenon into account in the various programmes and activities aimed at better managing these aspects.


The following services were provided by Insuco:

  • Carrying out a case study to qualify migration, issues and associated impacts
  • Conducting consultations (interviews and focus groups) to determine the profiles of migrants and map the migration dynamics
  • Write a preliminary scientific document (working paper)

The following deliverables were submitted by Insuco:

  • A scoping note
  • A working paper – draft version (after peer reviewing)
  • A working paper – final version (after client review)

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