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Land tenure reference statement (urban and rural)

Client : B&S Europe/Ministry of Urban Affairs and Land Planning/Funded by the European Union Delegation


The project consisted in conducting, through land tenure surveys in all the Prefectures of Guinea and in the five municipalities of Conakry, a state of reference of the land tenure situation in Guinea, while identifying local specificities. The objective was two-fold: on the one hand, assess the level of integration of modern and customary law in urban and rural areas, and on the other hand, identify the main issues and stakes of land tenure governance at the local level.

These land tenure surveys had the objective to support the realization of the framework for the analysis of land tenure governance in Guinea. Two teams respectively in charge of rural f and urban areas have traveled across all the Prefectures of Guinea from September to December 2014.


A report on the land tenure situation was handed over to the client and was presented publicly to the Ministry of Urban Affairs and Land Planning as well as to the European Union Delegation. The report contains an analysis of the land tenure systems of Guinea, a synthetic note by Prefecture and a land tenure study for Conakry.

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