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Socioeconomic and Community Health and Safety Baseline Study

Client : Collective Mining

Sectors: Mining


The mining project of the company Collective Mining in the Colombian department of Caldas is currently in an exploration phase. In this context, Insuco has been asked to: characterize the households in the project’s area of influence from the socioeconomic perspective, as well as in terms of community health and security aspects, and develop a strategic information database that will help the enterprise to take informed decisions and anticipate potential negative impacts of the project on the communities.

Insuco implemented the following activities:

  • Collection of socio-economic, health and community safety baseline information, adjusted to national and international standards;
  • Characterisation of the epidemiological profile of the community in the project’s area of interest, based on secondary information and primary information collected in the field;
  • Identification of information for corporate decision-making associated with the adverse and beneficial impacts of the exploration phase on the community in the area of influence;
  • Analysis of the information obtained and its presentation in such a way that it can be appropriated by the company for its social management;
  • Elaboration of a monitoring and evaluation plan, defining the indicators and periodicity of measurement for follow-up at the milestones of the stages of the mining project: exploration, construction, exploitation and closure;
  • Elaboration of strategic considerations and guidelines for social investment.


The following deliverables have been submitted to the client:

  • Socio-economic and community health baseline document and database;
  • Document with strategic considerations and guidelines for social investment.

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