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Technical support regarding Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) implementation on the National Road 1 and Resettlement Policy Framework for the National Road 5

Client : Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications, funded by the IDB


The renovation of key roads in the country requires providing compensation to the Project Affected Persons (PAP), through the implementation of Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) and more specifically of (i) the expropriation process and (ii) the compensation process. These two processes are managed by different entities that report to different authorities, this management can thus be complex, could be optimised, and often causes blockages on infrastructure works in Haiti. In order to contribute to improving these processes and to guarantee the respect of IDB operational policies and norms, and following a first successful collaboration, Insuco was asked to pursue its support regarding RAP implementation on National Road 1 (NR1), and to support the competent entities in the elaboration of a RAP framework for National Road 5 (NR5).


The following deliverables were produced:

  • Proposal to update the scales used for compensation and expropriation processes, and method for such update, in the context of the coming works on NR5
  • RAP application framework for linear infrastructures in Haiti and application to NR5
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) for completion of the on-going works on the NR1 section #1 (Gonaïves – Ennery)
  • Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP) for this same section #1
  • Monthly reports regarding the technical support provided to implement RAP on sections #2 and 3
  • Monitoring reports regarding PAP conditions after implementing compensation and expropriation processes on sections #2 and 3
  • Guidance Note for the LRP on section #3
  • Proposition of a document to monitor grievances
  • Synthetic report with lessons learnt

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