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Implementation of the support and development program for local suppliers “Higabra Entrepreneurs”

Client : Continental Gold


Continental Gold’s mining project in Buriticá, Colombia, has been developed, from the beginning, based on the compliance with national and international sustainability best standards, which has resulted in strategic alliances and concrete activities organized hand in hand with local communities and authorities. The transition of the project from an exploration stage to an exploitation stage at the end of 2019 has created new challenges, particularly for the communities living in Higabra, one of the districts of the Buriticá municipality, which has required the implementation of innovative strategies in terms of sustainability and social management.

Insuco has therefore proposed the Higabra Emprende (“Higabra Entrepreneurs”) strategy, aiming to encourage the local development of the village of Higabra by supporting the creation of local enterprises that can offer their services to Continental Gold.

This project is the continuation of the following project implemented by Insuco: Feasibility study to develop a pool of local enterprises to provide services to the company implementing the Buriticá mining project.

Insuco implemented the following activities:

  • Prioritization of 4 business projects for the pilot phase and definition of criteria for selecting beneficiaries;
  • Development of business plans and articulation of the Higabra Emprende Program with Continental Gold’s local procurement policy;
  • Implementation of the pilot project, building the capacity of Continental Gold’s local suppliers.


The following deliverables have been submitted to the client:

  • Description of the offer of potential suppliers in Higabra: (i) database of potential suppliers (formal and informal enterprises; contractors); (ii) instrument to determine the level of development/maturity of enterprises with supply potential in the area close to the mining project;
  • 4 business plans accompanied by a detailed roadmap for their implementation during the pilot phase;
  • An action plan, articulating the Higabra Emprende Programme with Continental Gold’s supply policy.

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