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Technical Support Service for the regional-territorial dialogue in Cajamarca within the framework of the Center for Convergence and Good Mining and Energy Practices – RIMAY BID

Client :Interamerican Development Bank


​INSUCO-IEP was contracted to support the implementation of the dialogue at the territory level in the Cajamarca Region and to achieve the design and implementation of a regional development vision for Cajamarca 2030, identifying the contribution of mining to the development of the region.


The following services were provided:

Phase 1: Alignment

– Consultancy kick-off meeting

– Documentary review and stakeholder meetings

– Deliverable 1: Preliminary Report / Work Plan


Phase 2: Design

– Current context and priorities of the territory

– Documentary review and first mapping of sources and stakeholders

– Construction of guidelines for the Territorial Management Observatory

– Construction of matrix of indicators by components

– Deployment and sustainability of the OTT

– Deliverable 2: Methodological design, stakeholder matrix, participation protocol, communication plan.

Multi-stakeholder dialogue process

– Stakeholder/participant mapping

– Territorial axes

– Relationship protocols

– Call for participation

– Preparation for the dialogue

During the dialogue

– Workshops with key stakeholders

– Virtual spaces for feedback from the general public

After the dialogue

– Cajamarca – RIMAY working group

– Measurement and learning system

– Communication mechanism

Phase 3: Implementation 

– Systematization of spaces

– Project management, monitoring and learning unit

– Deliverable 3: Implementation report

– Deliverables 3 and 4: Implementation report


Phase 4: Final Report 

– Elaboration of final report (systematization of the process, results and recommendations).

– Deliverable 5: Final report

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