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Elaboration of guidelines for an effective implementation of the Prior Consultation of Indigenous Communities in the development of high-impact projects in Colombia, in alliance with the Hernán Echavarría Olózaga Institute of Political Sciences  

Client : Presidency of the Republic of Colombia

Services: Studies
Client category: Public institutions


The general objective of the project was to contribute to the reinforcement of the Directorate of the National Authority for Prior Consultation (DANCP – Ministry of Interior of Colombia) for the achievement of its mission.

Insuco has implemented the following activities:

  • Qualitative component of the research: a qualitative methodology was developed, based on the recollection of information from direct and indirect sources. With regard to direct sources, semi-structured interviews with national and international experts were conducted. With regard to indirect sources, the laws and regulations in force and other documents on the matter were reviewed in order to identify key steps, procedures and stakeholders.
  • Quantitative component of the research: the quantitative component of the research was based on an analysis of the database of previous consultations of the Ministry of Interior. As this was the first review of this type of such a database, the analysis was primarily descriptive, i.e. it consisted of a presentation of the main trends by sector, types of projects and regions. In addition, the quantitative research team examined whether there were significant changes in these trends after 2013, when the procedure for implementing the prior consultation of indigenous communities has been changed. Next, a description of the importance of the four sectors considered in this project within the national economy was carried out and the results from the analysed database linked to different socio-economic variables available at the municipal level. Finally, recommendations were proposed in order to improve the data collection by the DANCP with the aim of facilitating in the future the carrying out of impact assessments of prior consultation in the territories.


Insuco delivered the following products to the client:

  • Scoping report;
  • Final report.

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