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Update of the Resettlement Action Plan for Noom Hotel project

Client : CHC / Mangalis

Region / Country: Africa | Guinea


Noom Hotel, owned by CHC, a subsidiary of Mangalis Group, was built in 2015 in the commune of Kaloum (Conakry) at the seaside, on a plot of land that is occupied in its northern part by households and economic activities (fishing, fish smoking, etc.). No resettlement process was planned at the time of acquisition, as the land was supposed to be vacant.

In 2016, Proparco mandated Insuco to support the project in its resettlement process, by the production of a study, but that did not at the time have to be compliant with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standard 5 (PS5). Following an audit, additional information and data had to be collected in order to apply PS5 and to produce a detailed roadmap for the potential future compensation and resettlement process. Insuco was mandated to carry out that study.

The mission consisted in:

  • Meeting with key stakeholder representatives to review the 2016 study and project the evolution of the area at 2 and 5 years
  • Based on the discussions with key stakeholders, reviewing the data used to establish a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP) framework
  • Elaborating a detailed roadmap (with its budget)


The following deliverables were provided to the client:

  • A report that includes the update of 2016-collected data, based on a 2 and 5-year projection, a description of the legal and administrative framework, the main guiding lines for a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP), and for RAP and LRP frameworks
  • A detailed roadmap that includes the roles and responsibilities of every stakeholders, the deadlines, monitoring indicators, as well as cost estimation for each step

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