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Design of Resource Access Restriction Action Plans (RARAP) related to the implementation of Concerted Fisheries Management Plans (CFMP) and analysis of alternative activities’ needs of small-scale fishermen in the three Ultra-Priority Areas (UPAs) of the SWIOFish2 Project

Client : SWIOFish2 Project – Second Project for South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Governance and Share Growth


The SWIOFish2 Project funded by the World Bank aims to improve the governance of fisheries in three ultra priority areas (UPAs) with a CFMP. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAEP) wishes to set up a regulatory framework, with rules for the elaboration and implementation of the CFMP, aiming to put in place co-management organization schemes involving restrictions on access to resources. The project thus aims first to better characterize the fishermen who may be negatively affected by the CFMP and by the Natural Resource Management Transfer (NRMT) as well as to identify, in a participatory way, opportunities for compensation, in particular through the development of Income Generating Activities (IGAs).

Insuco was assigned to:

  • Develop an Action Plan in the three UPAs, in order to ensure the restoration of livelihood of the persons affected by the project, who may have suffer losses due to access restrictions to fisheries resources promoted through the CFMPs implementation
  • Identify, propose, and study the alternative IGAs feasibility for small-scale fishers in the three SWIOFish2 Project UPAs


Insuco provided the following services:

  • Bibliographical review
  • Capitalization on the various fisheries-related programs that have been previously implemented in the same areas
  • Social structure, governance and cultural heritage analysis
  • Participatory mapping of resources and their use
  • Value-chains surveys and socio-economic surveys of 2,000 households
  • Technical-financial viability analysis and characterization of potential IGAs and associated needs
  • Alternative IGA impacts and risks assessment
  • Facilitation of the development of alliances between business partners and communities
  • Results restitution at regional and national levels

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