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Elaboration of Integrated Municipal Development Projects REDD+ (PDIC/REDD+) linked to land tenure and natural resources management in 4 municipalities of Burkina Faso

Client : Forest Investment Program (FIP) / Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change (MEGECC)


The mission consisted in producing Integrated and Inclusive Communal Development Projects (PDIC) in relation to REDD+ objectives, in the municipalities of Batie, Boussoukoula, Midebdo and Kpuere. To this end, stakeholder surveys were conducted to complete the socio-land-based diagnoses within each municipality. High-carbon areas were identified and direct/indirect factors of deforestation within these areas were established. This led to the formulation of recommendations regarding activities and investments in order to strengthen forest conservation and increase carbon storage. Plans for monitoring, follow-up and quality control of these recommendations were also proposed.


The following deliverables were provided to the client:

  • The PDIC/REDD+ reports for each of the 4 concerned municipalities, including steering, quality control, monitoring and evaluation aspects
  • A report that describes the methodology adopted for the development of the PDIC/REDD+ and lessons learned
  • Environmental and social screening reports for each of the 4 concerned municipalities

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