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Prototype for an Information Management System to monitor and analyse the expropriation and compensation processes on linear infrastructure projects

Client : Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


Insuco has been assisting the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications since the end of 2017 regarding resettlement processes in the context of the renovation of various key roads in the country, principally financed by the IDB. The main difficulties experienced by the environmental and social teams of the Executing Agency are related to information systematisation and process documentation, on projects that affect a large number of people. In order to address these challenges, it was proposed to develop a shared database, available online, that would allow the different stakeholders, in accordance with their access rights, to add and modify data, as well as to visualise the progress of expropriation and compensation processes.


The following products were delivered to the client:

  • Analysis report regarding the stakeholders’ needs
  • Scoping report that includes the tool technical specifications
  • Prototype for the online database (the development of the final tool is planned in a subsequent contract)

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