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Scoping and Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) audit of hydropower projects to develop technical assistance for the Environmental and Social Management Team of Tozzi Green Madagascar

Client : Tozzi Green Madagascar

Region / Country: Africa | Madagascar


After Berkeley Energy (BE) and the Dutch Development Bank invested in Tozzi Green Madagascar’s (TGM) three hydropower projects in Sahanivotry, Maroantsetra, and Mahitsy, an environmental and social due diligence has led to the elaboration of an Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) to improve the environmental and social (E&S) capacity and compliance of TGM’s operations. Insuco was commissioned to audit this ESAP, verify the E&S management systems of each project, assess compliance with international best practices, as well as progress in the implementation of the ESAP. The audit resulted in the development of a roadmap for technical assistance to TGM’s E&S team to achieve better alignment with international standards and best practices.


Insuco has delivered the following products:

  • Scoping and audit report
  • Roadmap for the technical assistance proposed to the E&S team of TGM

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