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Evaluation of the emergency response program to the humanitarian crisis of Venezuelan migrants in Peru

Client : Caritas


Peru is the second country, after Colombia, to have received the most Venezuelan migrants in the last three years, due to the political and economic crisis in their country of origin. However, the country was not prepared to respond effectively to the new demand for basic services from this particularly vulnerable Venezuelan migrants’ community.

The emergency response program to the humanitarian crisis of Venezuelan migrants in Peru, implemented by Caritas, thus aims to provide to this particularly vulnerable population decent living conditions, in terms of housing, food but also legal security, access to banking services, health, etc. This program has been mainly implemented in urban areas – the cities of Lima (Chosica and Lurín neighborhoods), Trujillo and Chiclay.

In this context, Insuco has been solicited to carry out the evaluation of the results following the implementation of the program’s activities.

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19 and the state of quarantine decreed in several countries around the world, including Peru, it has been agreed with the Caritas team to carry out the data collection through an innovative virtual qualitative methodology, i.e. semi-structured interviews on the phone or internet video conferences.

Insuco implemented the following activities:

  • Collection and analysis of secondary program information;
  • Identification of analytical variables for program evaluation;
  • Identification of stakeholders to be interviewed;
  • Development of instruments and strategies for collecting information virtually;
  • Collection of primary information from key actors, systematization and analysis of collected data;
  • Elaboration of the evaluation report.


The following deliverables were submitted to the client:

  • Preliminary report, outlining methodology, strategy to collect data, among others;
  • Interview guides by type of actor;
  • Information collection sheets for each participant interviewed;
  • Audio recording of interviews;
  • Matrices for systematizing the information collected;
  • Final evaluation report.

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