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Technical assistance for the implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan of the Transgabonais Rehabilitation Project

Client : Setrag (Eramet Group)


The Transgabonais railway, operated by Setrag since 2005, is a strategic tool for the economic development of Gabon, as it makes possible the transport of minerals exploited in the interior of the country to Owendo port.
In order to increase network use and secure the track, the Transgabonais Rail Infrastructure Upgrade Programme (PRN), financed by the World Bank, Proparco and AFD has been initiated. Various railway structures should be built on the areas with the largest population concentration, namely the first 15 kilometres from Owendo station to the N’Koltang area.

As a result, new Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) and Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEP) had to be initiated, to ensure that the work was carried out successfully, in compliance with the IFC Performance Standards. The main objective of this mission was thus to provide technical assistance for the implementation of the RAP and SEP initiated in 2018.

Insuco therefore provided a methodological support and ensured coordination of Setrag teams, to ensure the success of the action plans, in compliance with Gabonese regulations and international standards (particularly IFC standards).


The services provided included the following activities:

  • Assistance in the implementation of surveys, inventories and consultations
  • Assistance in the contractualisation of action plans
  • Training and coordination of the teams for the implementation of RAP and SEP
  • Updating of methods for accompanying and compensating PAPs
  • Definition of livelihood restoration measures and support in their implementation
  • Assistance in the management of grievances (processing, follow-up, etc.)
  • Update of reference documents, databases, dashboards, etc.
  • Facilitation of working meetings between the different committees involved in the project
  • Updating RAPs and SEPs

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