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Baseline study and evaluation of the expected results of the initiative of conservation of the forests of the Asháninka communities in Peru

Client : Common Found for Commodities (CFC)


Common Found for Commodities (CFC) is an autonomous intergovernmental financial institution created within the framework of the United Nations. It is in the process of evaluating the Asháninka Forest Conservation initiative, which operates through its local partners Rain Forest UK, Kemito ENE and CARE (Central Asháninka). The initiative considers productive actions (cocoa) and conservation of the Amazonian ecosystem, and also contemplates 3 expected results, evaluated in terms of resources and capacities:

  • Increased cocoa sales;
  • Implementation of agroforestry systems;
  • Reduction of deforestation.

Insuco implemented the following activities:

  • Identification of key issues, activities and gaps to achieve the expected results;
  • Verification and cross-checking of the baseline study provided by local partners through on-site work;
  • Co-evaluation and cross-checking of activities and capacities to reach planned objectives;
  • Assessment of the cost of essential activities against verifiable local information;
  • Review and identification of good management practices in other similar initiatives in terms of their outcomes and key activities to achieve them;
  • Analysis of potential risks related to the planned results and activities;
  • Development of practical recommendations or counterproposals on results and indicators, activities and financing, among others.


Insuco delivered the following products:

  • Mission questions;
  • Work plan;
  • Information gathering tools;
  • Specific work plan for field activities;
  • Evaluation report.

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