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Social evaluation of the component 2 of the rural land support project in 6 regions of Ivory Coast

Client : Rural Land Agency (AFOR), of the Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development


The general objective of the study was to identify, analyse and characterise the social risks (land conflicts, induced loss of sources of production or subsistence) associated with the component 2 of the rural land support project (support for the implementation of the National Rural Land Security Program), in 6 target regions (Agneby Tiassa, Bafing, Indenie Djuablin, Me, N’zi and South Comoe). More specifically, the aim was to describe the social and land characteristics on the project intervention areas, as well as the land agreements and arrangements between the different communities, their practical modalities and the possible risks of questioning them. The final objective was to propose an action plan presenting different measures to prevent, monitor and manage each type of risks with an estimated budget.


The following deliverables were provided to the AFOR:

  • An inception report presenting and describing the methodology, the tools and instruments for data collection and the experts’ work plan
  • A methodology note regarding intermediate results and data to be completed
  • A Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)
  • A Social Impact Assessment (SIA) report
  • A Social Management Plan (SMP)
  • A Complaint Management Mechanism (CMM)

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