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“Strategic Water and Mine Closure Planning Yanacocha Closure Planning Project (CPP) – Newmont”

Client : NEWMONT / Mining

Sectors: Mining


The mission consisted of reviewing the social and community requirements applicable to mine closure, in full alignment with national regulations and international standards, and including complementary aspects that transcend regulation and focus on assertively incorporating expectations, positions of the local context and its respective population.


The following products were delivered:

Scope 1: Review and update social commitments

  • Kickoff meeting
  • Revision of information
  • Preparatory calls with the Yanacocha team
  • Elaboration of a comparative analysis matrix for mine closure plans at an international level
  • Preparation of update report of social commitments


Scope 2: Identify, document and assess the expectations of local stakeholders

  • Preparation of field operations
  • Survey app
  • Semi-structured interviews
  • Elaboration of preliminary mapping of actors
  • Preparation of report analyzing perceptions on mine closure


Scope 3: Assessment of community and social impacts and risks

  • Identification of risks and social impacts
  • Definition of methodology for the development of participatory workshops
  • Development of community participatory workshops


Scope 4: Stakeholder Mapping and Communications Plan

  • Updating of stakeholder mapping
  • Preparation of the Communications Plan and relationship


Scope 5: Socioeconomic impacts and mitigation strategies

  • Presentation of impact analysis methodology
  • Preparation of updated report on socioeconomic impacts of mine closure
  • Preparation of a report on lessons learned applicable to Yanacocha.


Scope 6: Findings and recommendations

  • Technical memorandum and summary presentation with results and recommendations.

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