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Corrective action and mitigation measures for past, ongoing and future land acquisition and resettlement for the Sougueta Integrated Cement Plant Project

Client : Diamond Cement Guinea SA (DCGN)

Region / Country: Africa | Guinea


Diamond Cement Guinea (DCGN) is a subsidiary of the WACEM (West African Cement) group, a clinker and cement producer with operations throughout West Africa. DCGN is implementing the Sougueta Integrated Cement Plant Project in Guinea.

The Project includes the construction of a clinker plant, a grinding unit, two limestone quarries and two waste rock dumps. The mining concessions covers approximately 121 km². The several constructions started in 2016 and have been going on since.

DCGN wishes to ensure the compliance of the Project with IFC Performance Standard 5 (PS:5) requirements. Hence, DCGN solicited Insuco for an audit and a social review regarding the social impact of prior operations, including a corrective action plan, as well as for the development of a policy framework and measures with regard to current and future economic and physical displacement.

Specific objectives

The specific objectives were the following:

  • Conduct all the tasks in compliance with statutory as well as IFC Performance Standard 5 (PS:5) requirements;
  • Allow DCGN to assess, anticipate, avoid or limit any negative impact of the Project on the population and local key stakeholders;
  • Undertake relevant stakeholder consultations to fulfill the objectives of the mission.


Insuco has submitted:

  • An inception report with a workplan;
  • A detailed Corrective Action Plan (audit report) for the past physical and economic displacement;
  • A Livelihood Restoration Plan for the past physical and economic displacement;
  • A Resettlement Policy Framework including a Social Baseline survey, a price matrix and an entitlement matrix.

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