The development of quality infrastructures is an essential element for the development of territories. We provide on-going support for their planning and integration in their social environment.

The construction of infrastructures contributes to the development of a region. It therefore engages the prime contractors in the long term. As a showcase of the level of development of an area, it is part of the daily life of the local population.

It is therefore crucial to understand all the issues related to infrastructure development and to improve communication between all stakeholders in order to ensure the proper conduct of the works.

We provide on-going support at every stage of your project, thanks to solutions that combine:


Tools to assist decision-making


Planning that considers the local context in the development of multiple scenarios


Technical assistance for the implementation of the adopted strategies


Local capacity building

Our solutions


  • Legal reviews relating to the socio-economic aspects of your projects
  • Social Impact Assessment: stakeholder engagement plan, baseline study, impact study and social management plan
  • Resettlement and Compensation Action Plan
  • Migration Management Plan…


  • Implementation of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan
  • Support for the implementation of employment and local purchase policies upstream from construction
  • Complaint management mechanism and plan to facilitate the construction…


  • Implementation of the Social Management Plan
  • Implementation of the process for the monitoring and evaluation of the impacts…

How can we help you?

We provide on-going support to private sector, public and civil society actors through effective approaches based on our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ issues and local contexts.

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