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Development of road-based sustainable public transport plans – Saint Lucia & Grenada

Client :​ Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)


The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is planning to conduct two country-level case studies in the Caribbean islands of St Lucia and Grenada with the aim of developing sustainable public transport plans and corresponding investment plans. Both studies will take a closer look at the main challenges in the sector affecting the quality and efficiency of public transport services and provide recommendations for an action plan for improvement. The consortium, consisting of MCRIT, Ilaco and Insuco, has been selected for the 54-week project. The studies will examine options for achieving sustainable public transport that involve reducing environmental, social and economic impacts, including greenhouse gas mitigation, improving resilience to natural disasters and mitigating health and safety risks in order to build a safer, healthier, more reliable, affordable and responsive society.

The study will also propose an appropriate institutional framework including legal, regulatory and policy measures, as well as practical investments.  In addition, it should take into account issues closely related to land use and suggest measures to curb the growing demand for private cars.


Insuco will contribute to the following deliverables :

  • Inception Report ;
  • Transport System Challenges and Opportunities Report ;
  • Draft and Final Sustainable Road Based Public Transport Plan.

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