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Carrying out planning, development, programming and urban design studies and updating the implementation strategy of the PADARNE project (Planning and Development Project for the North-East Bypass)

Client : Ministry of Land Use Planning and Public Works (MATP)

Region / Country: Africa | Madagascar
Services: Studies
Client category: Public institutions


PADARNE is a Ministry of Land Use Planning and Public Works (MATP) project, implemented on a 400-ha perimeter mainly made up of rice fields, around the north-east bypass, a new 9 km road linking the city of Antananarivo and the peripheral rural communes of Ambohimangakely and Ankadikely/Ilafy.

In the early stages of the project, the Ministry of Land Use Planning and Public Works (MATP) mandated the Map-Ezaaka-Insuco-Setec consortium for project management, project management assistance and engineering missions to support the project’s implementation. Insuco was in charge of the technical, socio-economic, land, financial and legal diagnosis, combined with the elaboration of a stakeholder engagement strategy, in the framework of the development of a Detailed Urban Plan (PUDé) and an overall operational strategy.


Insuco contributed to the elaboration of the strategic and urban diagnosis by providing the following services:

  • Literature review & Gap analysis
  • Socio-economic, land, governance, cultural heritage framing interviews
  • Implementation of a consultation strategy and a stakeholder engagement plan
  • Field diagnosis (socio-economic survey, analysis of governance, land and cultural aspects, strategic environmental study)

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