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Strengthening internal steering tools to better take into account local realities in the identification and design of projects for Livelihoods Funds

Client : Livelihoods Funds


The mission consisted of supporting the Livelihoods Funds company in strengthening its project appraisal and design tools in order to better take into account the socio-economic contexts in which these projects are anchored. The strengthening of these tools was based on a co-construction with the company’s employees. It was proposed to include analytical grids on themes that would allow for a better understanding of local realities such as household economic strategies, the functioning of local agrarian systems, magico-religious beliefs, the construction of justice, etc., and their impact on local practices and decisions. A reinforced toolkit was produced and training was provided on the use of these tools.


The following deliverables were given to the client:

  • A revised toolkit ;
  • A user’s guide to the toolkit;
  • Training materials.
  • Training of Livelihoods Funds staff was also conducted.

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