Land studies

Our land studies allow us to produce an in-depth analysis of the institutions, standards and practices associated with a territory. They are designed to be genuine tools for decision-making, in compliance with national and international standards, and local practices, especially in the context of the establishment of infrastructures or resettlement processes.

Our studies thus make it possible to map and describe the domains and heritage of the land, the customary village territories, as well as local and regional land dynamics (issues, conflicts, etc.).

We base our approach on the understanding and the analysis of the bundles of individual and collective rights, which allows us to understand the realities of the territories – between custom and modernity, the different levels of exercise of rights (individual, family, villagers), as well as the social and political relationships that underlie the definition and exercise of land rights. This approach allows us to produce operational deliverables, according to the needs of our clients, such as maps, databases, or even political and land profiles of villages and lineages, but also to support legal reforms at national levels.

Our sectors of intervention

We work for many sectors to manage social issues and understand local contexts. For 13 years, almost 300 organisations have placed their trust in us.

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