Stakeholder Engagement Plan

The Stakeholder Engagement Plan is a tool for identifying and mobilising all the individuals, groups and institutions affected by the project.


This tool is used to clarify all project stakeholders’ interests, fears, motivations and expectations, in order to better manage them. The end product includes a structured communications system and proposals for collaboration based on local motivations and skills. The Stakeholder Engagement Plan also participates in multiplying and structuring interaction between the various stakeholders and confirms the project’s social legitimacy.


The Stakeholder Engagement Plan is structured around a presentation of all the different stakeholders in a project, a collaboratively-designed communication plan and if necessary, an action and monitoring plan specifying the various activities.

Our Approach

To develop the Stakeholder Engagement Plan, INSUCO favours an approach based on collaboration between all project stakeholders. The client receives an operational tool and sustainable solutions with strong local buy-in. As a governance tool the Stakeholder Engagement Plan is thus essential as it helps prevent tension and conflict and encourages collaboration in project-related activities.