Data Management

INSUCO proposes innovative solutions regarding social data collection and management, adapted to its clients’ contexts, as well as its technical and material capabilities. Our systems to electronically collect data and manage databases are designed with open-source programmes and are meant to allow a complete appropriation of the tools by our clients’ teams in charge of social management.


INSUCO built its data collection and management systems approach starting from its clients’ needs to process and use these data in full autonomy, without requiring any licence or permanent technical support.


Data collection

Although paper form utilisation has not been totally abolished, as it remains necessary in some specific contexts, the use of tablets and smartphones has largely spread within the implementation of our missions.

We combine the use of the online ONA platform and the Open Data Kit (ODK) system specialised in data collection.

ONA ( is a platform specialised in data aggregation and treatment. INSUCO has its own private and secure account, that our clients can access through dedicated sessions.

Data are entered through the Geo-ODK application. This application allows to manage and apply questionnaires from smartphones and/or tablets (

Data quality control

In addition to eliminating errors due to data transfer between surveyors and data entry agents, the qualitative advantage of this system relies on its ability to identify errors in real time during the survey. As the programmer/analyst and the cartographer/GIS specialist have access to data at the same time they are generated, the surveyors can continuously correct errors identified during the survey.

The system also allows to integrate procedures to limit errors while completing questionnaires, in addition to classic procedures such as the definition of limit values for the answers, pre-codification, links or consistency checks, amongst others.

Data management

Starting from the pre-treatments allowed by ONA platform, INSUCO developed the SyCoSur data management solution. In contrast to most of the available solutions, SyCoSur is based on an open-source software philosophy, and relies on a process to design a data management system together with the client and adapted to its needs, as well as its technical and material capabilities.

SyCoSur solution allows to process data - especially data associated with Resettlement Action Plans (RAP), with the monitoring of the social impacts of a project, or with social risk management – and to generate online reports, as well as maps and figures.

Using a series of pre-developed and simple modules (socio-economic impact, assets surveyed, compensation, grievance management, social management), the system is developed step by step together with the client, in order to:

  • Integrate its reporting requirements, its specific needs in terms of information management and corporate system;
  • Modeling its socio-economic monitoring and process regarding assets surveys;
  • Formalise its compensation management process (resettlement, relocation), its grievance management system and its community engagement system.

SyCoSur supports the teams in charge of social and community management, in order to build a client-tailored social management system, adapted to its needs, capabilities and development timing.

We rely on open-source programmes which do neither imply cost to buy the programmes nor license.

We develop the system structures and interfaces together with its direct users, in function of their capabilities, in order not to create any dependence to our technical teams.

Our data management policies

INSUCO respects a data management and confidentiality policy based on deontological concepts, international norms and national regulations.

Our approach specificities

Our approach relies on tools and interfaces easy to implement, designed to allow a rapid appropriation by our clients’ teams. It is based on the principle to not create any dependence to a system or permanent technical support, relying on open-source and ergonomic programmes.