Social Impact Assessments (SIA)

A social Impact assessment consists in the presentation, evaluation, monitoring and management of the social consequences and risks posed by a project as regards the socio-economic environment.                                            


Evaluating social impacts helps to identify the negative impacts of a project in order to better prevent and mitigate them and to maximise positive outcomes. By initiating a participatory process, the impact assessment helps to develop solutions that comply with legal obligations while taking into account local particularities. The primary objective of the social impact assessment is to promote sustainable and fair development both for the client and the host environment.


A social impact assessment is an invaluable instrument for local project governance. By analysing the communities’ perceptions (expectations and fears) and evaluating socio-economic impacts, the social impact assessment proposes pragmatic, locally-based solutions in the form of a Social Management Plan (SMP)

Our Approach

INSUCO offers an approach which is based on thorough field work. The social impact assessment is carried out with the close involvement of the various project stakeholders in order to propose specific risk management strategies. This methodology encourages a proactive approach as an effective means of guaranteeing that the solutions proposed in the Social Management Plan benefit from wide-ranging social legitimacy, ensuring project sustainability.