Migration Management Plan

The Migration Management Plan is useful both for the project and the region, as it aims to manage the risks associated with population movements and organise migration to support sustainable development.


All major development projects, be they public or private sector, engender an often rapid and massive influx of migrants seeking economic opportunities. Understanding these migration phenomena is essential for all stakeholders in order to better anticipate and manage them and thus minimise the negative socio-economic and cultural impacts on the host populations.


The Migration Management Plan consists in assessing the extent of the migration phenomenon in demographic, spatial, socio-economic and cultural terms. Migration management strategies are proposed depending on the risks and opportunities identified. These are accompanied by land zoning exercises for the agglomerations that will be most affected in order to organise and enhance the carrying capacity of the host area.

Our Approach

Our approach consists in conducting a multi-dimensional analysis of migration (in terms of spatial, socio-economic, legal, security and public health issues) in order to propose an overall strategy built jointly by the main stakeholders.

INSUCO encourages an iterative process between the local authorities, the project developer and the host communities taking an operational approach based on strategies suited to the local context and on the analysis of several scenarios.