Setting up of Employment Strategy

This service involves setting up an employment strategy that is based on transparency and social equity.


The success of a project depends largely on its employment policy. An employment management plan must comply not only with legal requirements and internal company standards but must also enable the project to be integrated into the social fabric of the region, through a transparent and equitable approach. It must provide solutions that are appropriate for the project and the host environment so that employment becomes one of the mainstays of the project’s sustainable development and maximises the socio-economic benefits for the host communities.


The employment policy is a governance instrument straddling the line between internal and external project management. It consists in a charter, which is published publically, describing the conditions for employment and an implementation plan.

Our Approach

INSUCO proposes an approach that considers established practices, the fears and aspirations of the employees (at all levels) and those of the host communities. Because job opportunities are frequently what the community pins its hopes on and because this is a fertile field for social conflict, all projects benefit greatly from a clear, transparent and effective employment policy combined with a communication plan that is realistically able to be implemented in the project context. The strategy must also take into account the effect it will have on migration.