Local Development and Territory Management

This service consists in implementing a consistent and sustainable local development strategy that brings together all project stakeholders.


The local development strategy must enable all project stakeholders to understand the key issues at stake in their territory or region. The aim is to anticipate potential project impacts and to encourage social integration, as well as to support local decision-makers regarding the development actions to be taken and how they fit into the overall development strategy.


The local development strategy provides local public authorities with planning tools suited to their specific needs. Deliverables can thus include:

  • An overall strategy
  • A development plan (urban or rural)
  • A migration plan

In a word, practical tools to help manage the region and its development.

Our Approach

The management of local development must be based both on an in-depth multi-sector study of the area and a participatory and iterative approach involving all project stakeholders. INSUCO provides comprehensive documentation and concrete solutions that can be directly put into practice, and assists the client to do so.