Insuco Peru leads the largest road infrastructure project in recent decades

Oct 2023 | Newsletter

The Insuco team in Peru is part of a flagship project for the region led by our client PMO Vías: the construction of the Central Highway.

This project, with an extension of approximately 185 km, begins from the department of Lima, towards the district of Yauli, in the department of Junín. The so-called “first mountain highway” in Peru represents a geographical, political, and social challenge.

Insuco’s social management team does fantastic work with the 26 communities involved, as in the case of Carhuapampa, in Huarochirí province (approximately 165 km from Lima). There, the Insuco team participates actively and closely in the various invitations received from interested parties, providing information regarding the project and its benefits.

The team in Peru responds to the queries and requirements of the localities within the area of influence of the Project, maintaining a constant presence in the territory, accompanying and facilitating the various activities of the project consultants, reporting on the progress of the studies, and managing expectations concerning a project of this magnitude.

Implementing activities in such a diverse territory is the main challenge for our team in Peru. The dynamics in the city establish another type of relationship strategy with interested parties, facing problems about property damage. In the rural area, there are varied positions on this project motivated by very marked interests; the various communities maintain a position of expectation towards the project, mainly because they hope to have direct access to the new highway.

On the other hand, some communities seek to obtain benefits during the study and construction stages, which makes obtaining permits for the execution of activities before construction even more complex.

In this context, our social management team in Peru has an important task that is supported by our new field offices: aligning the implementation of good practices of the different teams of consultants to conduct a correct line of action with the communities and localities involved, respecting territorial dynamics and being physically present in the territories.

Being present is fundamental to our strategy as it allows us to anticipate potential social conflicts that pose a risk to the development of the Project. Raising awareness among internal stakeholders is essential and demanding compliance with the guidelines, both in the office and within each community, goes hand in hand with exhaustive monitoring of their activities.

For this reason, generating spaces for multi-actor dialogue about the project is essential. Beyond the mandatory participation spaces that the legal standard requires, the Insuco Perú social management team seeks to engage culturally with the local population and its representatives to facilitate the project’s progress. The identification of interested parties, the mapping of their positions and interests, as well as risks and impacts, is constant and allows the definition of the social and communication strategies necessary for each stage of the Project.

The future challenges for Insuco Peru within the framework of the New Central Highway are related to the purchase of land, an essential requirement to begin construction.

Our success represents an important milestone, not only for the Project but also for positioning Insuco as a reference for social and property management of large infrastructure projects in Peru and the entire region.