General Direction of Insuco Group 2023 Seminar in Camboda

Oct 2023 | News from Insuco

The General Direction of Insuco Group together with the regional Human Resources responsibles had a seminar in Cambodia from 9 to 17 October.

With the important growth of the Group, this seminar had several objectives, the main ones, around the need to better structure the group, make an evaluation of the progress made around the implementation of our strategy and get a common understanding around our main internal challenges but also of all the important and inspiring things we have to do and push for.

We are navigating an important growth while keeping in mind that we do not want to lose our DNA and our agility that led us to where and who we are today.

This seminar was then the occasion to:

  • Meet up and get to know each other, as this year, two newcomers are part of the Executive Committee: Caroline and Maeva,
  • Ensure that everyone has a clear view of the Group’s current situation,
  • Organise our company to accompany the growth,
  • Identify missing processes/policies and organise their construction and implementation for both support and technical teams,
  • Go forward with our KM Strategy,
  • Think about our services, their improvement and some new ones,
  • Capitalise on the organisation of our 2023 seminars and talk about the 2024-25 ones,
  • Precise our communication strategy,
  • Reinforce our internal and external Group’s communication.

In order to achieve this, we organised our week into workshops held between Phnom Penh, the capital, and Siem Reap, a secondary town, home to the famous Angkor temples, which we were lucky enough to visit.

This seminar was intense and showed us the stake for the Group in the coming months. We are highly motivated to meet these challenges!