FAO mobilizes Insuco in the framework of the project “A partnership for marine and coastal governance and fisheries management for sustainable blue growth”

Mar 2023 | News from Insuco, On the front page

As part of the project “A Partnership for Marine and Coastal Governance and Fisheries Management for Sustainable Blue Growth” funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (AIDS), implemented at regional level by FAO/SWIOFC and UNEP/Convention on Nairobi, and jointly implemented at national level by the Ministries in charge of fisheries and environment (in this case MPEB and MEDD for Madagascar) under the national coordination of FAO, three countries were selected, including Madagascar, to implement pilot projects on which lessons learned will be shared at the sub-region level.

The bays of Bombetoka, Mahajamba and Sahamalaza in particular will benefit from innovative approaches to local and concerted fisheries development, defining strategies and conditions for allocating access to coastal natural resources.

Having agreed that development issues and trade-offs are often the result of socio-economic conciliations as well as technical content, FAO mobilizes Insuco to initiate dialogue and engage stakeholders. Over the next 5 months, best management practices for fisheries, maritime spatial planning or governance of coastal and marine rights of use will be contextualized to produce scenarios that make sense for all actors in the long term.