Legal Review

Legal review helps to ensure that a project is compliant from a legal standpoint in terms of the various national and international standards.                                  


The key objective of the legal review is to use a comparative approach including the various national and local laws and standards, written or traditional, as well as the many international requirements and standards (IFC, EITI etc.). This approach aims to specify an overall legal framework that can be easily applied and used by any project that has a local impact and global visibility.


A cross-cutting service, the legal review contributes to the development of all the other studies and documents such as the Resettlement and Compensation Action Plan for affected communities, meeting minutes, stakeholder contracts etc.

Our Approach

Our approach combines flexibility and rigour in order to gain a clear picture of all the legal standards applicable in a given area as well as of the stakeholders’ various legal conceptions in this area. We constantly strive to ensure that the legal analysis, document or approach proposed is effective and accurate.