Territorial social management

To go further in managing the risks and impacts of industrial and institutional projects, Insuco has developed a multi-stakeholder analysis and action framework, formalised under the Corporate Territorial Responsibility (CTR) or Territorial Social Management approach.

This approach aims at promoting a sustainable and inclusive governance of the territory by all the actors that make it up, and relies on the co-construction of a common long-term vision for its development. We are developing mechanisms that enable stakeholders to share the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities associated with the development of projects with high potential impact, through processes of dialogue and collective action.

We are considering these tools in order to gradually switch from a purely transactional and bilateral logic, where the private sector is often placed at the centre of multiple expectations on the part of local actors, to move to a transformational and multi-actors logic, for a sustainable development of both the project and the host territory.

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We work for many sectors to manage social issues and understand local contexts. For 13 years, almost 300 organisations have placed their trust in us.

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