Country Director Insuco Saudi Arabia


As part of the opening of a new office in Saudi Arabia, we are looking for a Country Director.

The Country Director defines the company’s overall strategy in Saudi Arabia and oversees its execution. This role involves both strategic and operational responsibilities.

In terms of strategy, the Country Director collaborates with the Asia General Director and the Executive Committee (Codir) to define Insuco Saudi Arabia’s overall strategy including objectives and means. The Country Director must therefore:

  • Draw up the company’s organisational and development objectives
  • Define the company’s commercial and technical policy, including the development of new services and innovation, improvement of methodologies, business and sectoral development, and signature of new contracts.

On the operational side, she / he supervises and manages the human, technical, financial, organisational and logistical resources to achieve the objectives.

The Country Director coordinates the activities of various departments or services within the company in Saudi Arabia. She / he reports to the Asia General Director and, when requested, directly to the CEO.


Position based in Riyadh, with travel possibilities within and outside the country.

Role and activities

Company Management

  • Manage the Insuco Saudi Arabia office
  • Act as Insuco’s representative in Saudi Arabia
  • Participate in the development of a vision and strategic plan to develop and improve Insuco Saudi Arabia’s business
  • Identify and assess internal and external issues impacting the business and inform the Asia General Director
  • Act as an advisor to the Asia General Director and where appropriate the Executive Committee on all aspects of Insuco Saudi Arabia’s activities
  • With the support of the various departments, anticipate, identify and evaluate the risks specific to the company, whether they concern its clients, employees, consultants, assets, finances or reputation, and take measures to control these risks
  • Ensure regular reporting on all activities to the Asia General Director

Management and supervision of support departments

  • Recruit, motivate and retain a team of employees
  • Ensure that the company’s policies and procedures are implemented and complied with
  • Plan and manage human resources:
    • In collaboration with the Human Resources Department, the Asia General Director and the Executive Committee, establish the company’s staffing requirements with a view to ensuring the proper management and delivery of its services
    • Ensure a positive, healthy, and safe working environment in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations

Business Activity

  • Anticipate and develop business, develop the professional network and client portfolio
  • Regularly follow up with clients, identify their needs and submit offers
  • Make propositions for investments
  • Monitor and coordinate the most important offers
  • Ensure the development of the contract and client portfolio
  • Ensure the growth of the company’s turnover

Project planning and management

  • Oversee the planning, coordination, implementation and evaluation of services in general and projects in particular
  • Assist the Technical Director in managing his / her team of Project Managers
  • Monitor and improve project monitoring and reporting tools
  • Monitor the provision of services in order to maintain or improve their level of quality
  • Monitor projects with clients, ensuring good communication and on time delivery of monitoring tools and reports

Administration and Finance

  • Manage projects while ensuring their profitability: drawing up and managing budgets, validating economic aspects
  • Manage investments and cash flow
  • Work with the Finance and Administration Manager to prepare financial statements and reports in accordance with procedures
  • Approve and control expenditure in accordance with procedures defined by the Group’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Administer project budgets and monitor monthly cash flows
  • Ensure that regular income and expenditure reports are produced and sent to the Group Finance Officer
  • Ensure that the company complies with all relevant tax legislation
  • Ensure that the company has appropriate and sufficient insurance protection.

Required Profile


  • Minimum master’s degree in social sciences, economics and/or management


  • Minimum six (6) years of experience in similar roles (management position of increasing responsibility in private companies and/or NGOs)
  • At least five (5) years’ cumulative expatriate experience in southern countries and in organisations working in the field of development, community relations and/or social and environmental consultancy
  • Experience in the region or the country is an advantage
  • Demonstrate successful experience of managing a client portfolio
  • Knowledge of international standards related to Social Impact Assessments, Resettlement Action Plans is an advantage
  • Knowledge of the E&S legal and regulatory national/regional frameworks would be an asset
  • Knowledge of legislation relating to business management (taxation, labour law, contract law, etc.)

Hard Skills

  • Master the management principles specific to a private company
  • Master project management
  • Master human resources management
  • Knowledge of financial management
  • Excellent writing skills (drafting, analysis, and review of proposals, technical and strategic documents) are required
  • Excellent proficiency in English, both oral and written, is essential. Proficiency in Arabic and/or French is an advantage
  • Proficiency in office and general computer tools is essential

Soft skills

  • Leadership and promotion of teamwork: knowing how to work in collaboration with others in order to make the most of everyone’s skills, set objectives, solve problems and take decisions that will enable the company to overcome difficulties and increase its efficiency
  • Adaptability: demonstrating flexibility, versatility, and tolerance in a multicultural and constantly changing work environment, while carrying out tasks effectively and efficiently
  • Ethics: understanding the principles of socially responsible behaviour and administrative practices and ensuring that one’s own behaviour and that of employees is consistent with these standards and aligned with the company’s values
  • Knowing how to put clients’ needs first: anticipating clients’ needs, understanding them and acting on them in order to meet or exceed their expectations, while taking into account the parameters set by the company
  • Organising: being able to define priorities, set deadlines, monitor progress towards objectives, and keep track of details, data, information and activities
  • Planning: developing strategies to advance the company, setting goals, establishing and implementing action plans, and evaluating processes and results
  • Problem solving: anticipating and assessing problem situations with a view to identifying causes, gathering and analysing relevant information, proposing solutions, and making recommendations and/or solving problems
  • Strategic thinking: assessing opportunities and actions in the light of trends and conditions specific to the company’s environment, vision and values.


    Position to be filled as soon as possible

    • Position based in Riyadh with the possibility to travel in and outside the country
    • Permanent contract
    • Health-repatriation insurance reimbursed from the first euro
    • Annual return ticket to the country of residence
    • Communication package

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