At INSUCO, we draw on our experience of the different countries and various sectors in which we work and our knowledge of the projects developed to deliver training solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs.  INSUCO thus has experience of providing bespoke training programmes to public institutions, private enterprises, governments and national administrations.


Our aim is to provide specific solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs. To achieve this, we deliver training on operational approaches and methods, which is tailored both to country-specific issues and to the sector concerned.


The training can cover general topics (impact assessment monitoring, managing displacement and resettlement, Corporate Social Responsibility, national policy frameworks, land tenure law, etc.) or more specific issues (GIS training, database training for monitoring and evaluation, etc.).

Our training courses are delivered using logically ordered modules that include recognised national case studies and always incorporate the specific country’s current legislation. The overall topic is therefore broken down into modules that each covers a specific theme. These modules are submitted to our clients for approval prior to training delivery and may thus be modified to ensure they best fit the client’s exact needs.

The length of the training can vary and depends on the client’s request, the participants and the training objectives. We are able to deliver training in all countries and can provide one or more trainers as required.

Our approach

Although it has a sound theoretical basis, the main thrust of our training approach is practical. We provide meaningful and specific examples and use contextualised training aids to place participants in real-life, everyday scenarios and help them identify appropriate short, medium and long term solutions.

We have provided training to:

  • Governments;
  • International organisations;
  • Multi-national private companies;
  • NGOs;
  • Local consulting firms.