The Company

INSUCO is a consulting firm that provides specialised services covering all the social aspects of extractive, infrastructure, energy, agro-industry and institutional projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Our objective is to promote sustainable partnerships between all local stakeholders.

We offer our clients effective, operational and pragmatic approaches based on our in-depth understanding of both their priorities and the local context. Our multidisciplinary and intercultural teams combine both high-level expertise and comprehensive local knowledge.

Our networks and our policy of continuous local capacity building help us to both optimise our activities and ensure consistency in our actions.

Our research and development department, focusing on knowledge management, information systems and tool development, guarantees a continued level of excellence, enabling us to remain poised at the cutting edge of social science innovation.

Our Vision                                                      

To link all local stakeholders to build sustainability.

Our Mission

Using contextualised analyses, we propose appropriate solutions for sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships among all local stakeholders.

Our Values

Excellence: we maintain highly qualified teams to propose effective solutions and always strive to exceed client expectations.

Synergy: our interdisciplinary and intercultural teams continually share their knowledge to optimise the quality of our services.

Integrity: we demand transparency in our relations and respect of all stakeholders to ensure faultless application of our principles of good business conduct.

Innovation: we experiment, research and monitor best practice for cutting edge innovative solutions.

Pragmatism: we consider the priorities and interests of all stakeholders to build tailor-made and operational solutions.