Natural resources management

In the context of institutional interventions or industrial developments, problems of access to natural resources, if they are poorly mastered, can generate conflict situations in the territory.

We mobilise experienced teams to understand situations in their cultural complexity and the diversity of their ecological components. This allows us to identify the problems and needs encountered in the territory, as well as existing practices that contribute to sustainable resources management, both renewable and non-renewable. The objective is to start from the existing situation to propose policies that can be assimilated by the populations of the territory concerned.

Based on this analysis, we formulate operational tools and action plans, such as the Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan, to guide the exploitation of resources towards sustainable and equitable management, to strengthen local capacities and thereby to foster the sustainability of the actions undertaken. We also support our clients at every stage of the process, from the planning phase to implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Our sectors of intervention

We work for many sectors to manage social issues and understand local contexts. For 10 years, more than 150 organisations have placed their trust in us.

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