Update of a study focusing on population dynamics in the area of the operating site El Difícil - Petróleos Sudamericanos


In the framework of its transparency and sustainability strategy, Petróleos Sudamericanos (Petrosud) regularly assesses the dynamics of the populations who may be impacted by its activities, and communicates every 2 years the results of this monitoring exercise to the national authority for environmental licences (ANLA). Petrosud solicited Insuco in this context, in order to implement a study regarding population dynamics in the direct influence area of its operating site located in the municipality of Ariguaní.

Insuco consequently carried out a quantitative and qualitative study focusing on the evolutions observed on the dynamics of the concerned populations and their quality of life:

  • Design of a digital survey form and configuration of ONA platform to consolidate the data
  • Training of the surveyors, who were recruited locally, to implement the survey
  • Survey among more than 950 households
  • Focus group with the representatives of the community authorities, to analyse their perception of the evolutions observed during the last 7 years

The client received a comprehensive report, that includes:

  • The methodological aspects of the study (indicators, form, etc.), its results and our recommendations
  • Some actions to implement for the following steps of the monitoring-evaluation process