Strengthening of the programme “Objective - Integrity and Transparency in Companies” - Transparencia por Colombia (Transparency International)


The corporation Transparencia por Colombia, national chapter of Transparency International, and legitimate interlocutor between the private sector and Government entities, aims at fighting corruption within companies, both internally and externally. Transparencia por Colombia thus proposes to companies of all sizes a programme entitled “Objective - Integrity and Transparency in Companies” (PREIT, by its Spanish acronym), that has already accumulated 14 years of experience. Transparencia por Colombia solicited Insuco in this context, in order to strengthen in a transversal way PREIT programme and more specifically its anti-corruption approach.

Insuco consequently implemented the following activities:

  • Review of reference resources at national and international levels, regarding measures and methods to foster ethics, integrity and fight corruption within companies
  • Workshops with the teams of Transparencia por Colombia
  • Interviews with companies that applied PREIT programme during the last years
  • Adaptation and optimisation of the “Barometer” tool of PREIT programme - which aims at measuring the level of progress of ethics, integrity and anti-corruption measures within companies - taking into account some important challenges that the companies and their collaborators have to face nowadays

The client received the following deliverables:

  • A comprehensive report that includes our recommendations to strengthen PREIT programme and its anti-corruption approach
  • The optimised “Barometer” tool and its user guide