Scoping mission and Stakeholder Engagement Plan of a mining project in Labé - Alufer


Bel Air Mining, a subsidiary company of Alufer Mining, received a research permit in order to develop a bauxite extraction project in the administrative area of Labé. In order to convert this permit into an exploitation one, Bel Air Mining solicited Insuco to conduct a scoping mission and develop a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) on the future mine area, respecting Guinean norms.

The main goal was to receive the environmental and social certification from the national competent authorities, in order to be in line with the national policy in terms of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA).


The following services were carried out by Insuco:

  • Reviewing the legislative Guinean framework related to the exploitation of bauxite deposits
  • Describing the social and environmental conditions within the project area, including physical, biological, social, economic and cultural conditions, which required in particular the implementation of: (i) On the social field: a scoping study about the first socio-economic data (non-exhaustive census and survey), cultural heritage survey, socio-economic infrastructures survey; (ii) On the environmental field: a scoping study containing a first housing mapping
  • Identifying the potential impacts of the project according to the stakeholders (communities, local authorities, companies, associations/NGOs)
  • Drafting the mitigation measures in order to avoid, minimise and manage the negative impacts or maximise the positive ones throughout the entire project lifecycle
  • Estimating potential cumulative impacts associated with the project
  • Analysing stakeholders and their interactions with the project

The following deliverables were produced:

  • A social and environmental scoping report including the terms of reference of the ESIA
  • A Stakeholder Engagement Plan