Legal study for a project aimed at creating a beef production chain for export in the Tuy province - Endeavour Mining


The mission consisted in providing Endeavour Mining with information on all the legal and regulatory aspects that apply to the various aspects of the project, aiming at creating a beef production chain for export, for the different stages of its lifecycle. Details of the procedure to be followed were also provided to obtain the necessary permits and authorisations for the implementation and operation of the project, in particular regarding labour law, company law, safety/health and environment, veterinary and land issues.


The following information was provided to the client:

  • The laws that apply to the different components of the project
  • The associated decrees and orders
  • Permits and authorisations to be obtained
  • The procedure to obtain them (services to be contacted, documents to be provided, costs, deadlines)
  • The contact persons (director or head of the concerned department)