The Management Team

General Management

Dr Pascal Rey
Chief Executive Officer

Agro-economist and holder of a Doctorate in Development Geography, Pascal has over 15 years’ experience in Africa, Asia and South America, gathered working in community development and development research programmes with the French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS), the World Bank, the French Development Agency (AFD), international NGOs and mining companies. Pascal combines both field expertise and an up-to-date knowledge of leading issues in the development sector. His work is regularly published in scientific journals and reviews, in particular on issues related to land rights, natural resource management, decision-making processes and participatory approaches.

Anna Battouly Barry
Administrative and Financial Manager

Anna holds a Master's Degree in Business and Financial Engineering (Université de Paris Ouest-Nanterre) and a Master's Degree in Corporate Finance (Université d’Evry-Val-d’Essone). She spent a number of years working as a salesperson in the banking sector in France, handling institutional and distributor accounts for the private bank UBS France SA and then for the financial services provider Procapital (a subsidiary of the Credit Mutuel - Arkéa Group). In Guinea, prior to joining Insuco, Anna worked for a subsidiary of the pan-African bank Ecobank, where she was employed in various roles.

Guillén Calvo
General Manager Latin America and the Caribbean

Agro-economist and geographer, Guillén has worked for many international organisations (UNESCO, Bioversity International, the World Bank etc.) setting up development projects and managing inter-governmental platforms, as well as looking at the interface between scientific research and political decision-making. For the past 10 years he has specialised in corporate territorial responsibility for companies in South America and Africa. He is also involved in designing and implementing international initiatives and south-south cooperation projects to promote bio-cultural heritage.

Dr Peter Hochet
General Manager Africa

Specialising in West Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, Niger and Senegal) where he has lived for more than 10 years, Peter’s research and expertise lies in the field of land governance (public policy, rural land tenure, pastoralism, conservation, mining) and the political system of local authorities, decentralisation and the State (decision-making, application of legislation, use of public services). His work on these topics is published regularly in international academic reviews. In the mining sector he focuses on baseline studies and compensation and resettlement processes.

Solenne de Gromard
Operations General Manager

Agro-economist, Solenne has over 10 years of experience in public service management, institutional relations and project management. In particular, her experience led her to run technical services in the water and sanitation sector, for both local authorities and industrial companies, as well as to manage political and commercial affairs within the Exterior Relations Directorate of a private company. Solenne has also coordinated for an important international group the programs of an endowment fund dedicated to basic services access in developing countries, working in partnership with other funding bodies and NGOs. Her experience has allowed her to develop a project systemic and operational approach, combining the teams’ know-how and customers’ expectations.

Ousmane Conté
Director of Human Resources and Legal Departement

Holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Law from the University of Maine (France) and a Master’s Degree in Public Law from the University of Sonfonia in Conakry, Ousmane acquired a solid legal and administrative experience within Campus France (a service of the French embassy) and within a large French wealth management and advisory group in Paris (Primonial). His knowledge of business law in an international context, in particular as regards labour law, insurance law, company law, obligation law, etc. are key assets that enable him to supervise our human resources activities and to assume his responsibilities as human resources and legal department director.

Country Management

Sylvain Martin
Country Director Madagascar

Sylvain holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Impact Studies and has more than 13 years of experience with private companies and NGOs in Africa and South-East Asia. He has coordinated and managed multicultural and interdisciplinary teams for many years, and has a strong experience in developing, implementing and monitoring projects in the fields of rural development, agriculture, energy and health, among others. He is an expert for conducting quantitative and qualitative surveys, with extensive experience regarding field work and communities. Sylvain has worked and lived in Madagascar for more than 10 years, in various regions of the island, and speaks the local language, which allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the country, its customs and traditions.

Margot Petitpierre
Country Director Guinea

Margot is an engineer specialised in international agro-development and land use planning. Before joining Insuco Guinea, she worked for several NGOs and programmes in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean region. She managed and coordinated projects focusing on agricultural development, water and sanitation, as well as access to education, at both technical and organisational levels. In particular, Margot implemented baseline studies and technical studies in Haiti and Laos, and contributed to agricultural research programmes in Vietnam and Thailand. 

Caroline Amrom
Country Director Djibouti

Caroline is an agronomist with a complementary specialisation in sciences of population and development. She has many years of experience in agricultural project management, value chain development, community development and organisational strengthening. She has also developed experience around advocacy activities aiming at strengthening local stakeholders and their roles in territory development. These activities have allowed her to interact with international institutions and a wide range of actors and sectors. In the field, she conducted baseline studies and stakeholder engagement activities, and oversaw studies and projects such as Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), and Resettlement Action Plans (RAP).

Hélène Chéron-Kientéga
Country Director Burkina Faso

Hélène holds a Research Master’s Degree in Socio-anthropology, realised between France and Burkina Faso, as well as a Professional Master’s Degree in Local Development. She is of French nationality but obtained Burkinabe nationality as well in 2010. She has worked for various entities in Burkina Faso, such as the Citizenship Laboratory, UNDP, and the French NGO “Entrepreneurs du Monde”, in which she was Country Manager for almost 6 years. These experiences allowed her to carry out different projects and researches, in particular in the field, focusing on decentralisation, citizenship, entrepreneurship, professional insertion, energy and microfinance, among others. She has developed strong abilities in project management, human resource management, planning, financial projection and budget management.

Julie Tipret
Country Director Haiti

Julie is an engineer and has more than 10 years of experience in Haiti as project and programme manager, in the following sectors: local development and civil society strengthening, drinking water and sanitation, and urban development. She could lauch and manage various development projects across the country, as well as emergency and post-emergency projects, for NGOs such as Gret and Oxfam. This experience allowed her to manage several KAP surveys, baseline studies, and formative research focused on behavioural changes. She is also an expert for the management of resettlement processes.

Patricio Carvallo
Country Director Ecuador

With a Master’s Degree in Rural Development and Cooperation and a University Diploma in Regional Development and CSR Management, Patricio has over 10 years of professional experience in community relations and territorial development in Europe, Africa and South America, in the areas of public policies, international cooperation and extractive industry. In recent years he has coordinated programmes for various large mining companies in Latin America, in particular as regards stakeholder engagement and Social Impact Assessments (SIA).