Insuco Technical Seminar in Lomé: Strengthening Collaboration and Innovation

Mar 2024 | News from Insuco

From 20th to 29th March 2024, Insuco held its annual technical seminar in Lomé, bringing together general directors, country directors, and technical directors from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This ten-day event was a fantastic opportunity to share best practices, improve our procedures, and undertake in-depth technical training. Our goal: to strengthen our intervention strategy in Africa.

The seminar began with a session dedicated to strategic planning and the development of our activities for 2024. We discussed growth prospects, set ambitious goals, and devised concrete strategies. These exchanges helped to reinforce synergy within our teams and consolidate our professional integrity.

Next, we focused on developing managerial skills and team performance. By introducing Personality Understanding Tools and providing management training, our teams gained a better understanding of their internal dynamics and improved their collaboration. The result: an even more productive and harmonious working environment.

A key highlight of the seminar was the technical workshops. A key highlight of the seminar was the technical workshops. We tackled key topics such as rural and urban PAR sizing, environmental and social assessments, and GDPR standards. These sessions optimised our working methods and introduced crucial innovations to offer high-quality solutions to our clients.

Additionally, we incorporated moments of conviviality into the programme. These informal interactions are essential for strengthening bonds between colleagues and creating a positive atmosphere. Spending time with colleagues that we don’t see on a daily basis was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better and create lasting memories.

This seminar in Lomé was a key step in our ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence. By investing in continuous training and encouraging innovation, Insuco remains true to its values of synergy, integrity, and pragmatism. These efforts enable us to maintain our leadership position and ensure the superior quality of our solutions for our clients and partners.

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