Insuco Peru conducts human rights audit

Dec 2021 | News from Insuco

In recent months, INSUCO Peru has carried out a human rights audit of priority suppliers in the value chain of DP World Callao, a transnational company dedicated to the storage, loading and unloading of goods, mainly containers.

DP World Peru requests INSUCO to assess the compliance of the management system or business practices in human rights, social and ethics implemented in its contractors, as well as to verify the effective maintenance in order to identify: i) Level of compliance with HR and gap analysis. Ii) Potential risks that could derive from non-compliance/lack of alignment with HR standards in social or environmental terms.

The Human Rights audit was characterised by self-assessments and permanent support to DP World Callao’s suppliers, as well as an active participation of the different teams of the organisations. Likewise, feedback processes and joint explanation of assessments and definition of recommended actions were established. The following specific activities were carried out for the development of the accompaniment:

  • Define the dimensions of analysis considering Human Rights Norms, international standards, DP World Callao’s Human Rights and Sustainable Development policy and the key issues depending on the contractors’ activity sectors to be assessed.
  • Design the strategy and tools for auditing and evaluation of gaps and potential actions considering that the deployment will be carried out virtually.
  • Define concrete and achievable measures/actions that contractors should implement for gap closure, including mitigation and follow-up measures.
  • Design a roadmap for DP World Callao so that they can promote and monitor contractors’ progress.

Accompanying organisations in their consolidation of their HR management represents a great opportunity to learn and develop innovative strategies according to the supply chain of our clients. Thanks to the DP World Callao team and collaborators for their trust and for this fruitful collaboration!