Elaboration of the Children’s Situation Report (SitAn) for UNICEF in Benin

Dec 2022 | News from Insuco

The Children’s Situation Analysis (SitAn) is a regular study conducted by UNICEF in its countries of intervention, in conjunction with the governments, to guide the strategic planning process in child-related sectors and to guide, among other things, the development of cooperation programmes.

In August 2022, in preparation for the new UNICEF-Benin Country Programme 2024-2028, Insuco was commissioned to prepare the SitAn 2022 Children’s Analysis Report.

After a data collection mission on the ground in October, and the review of the recent documenation available on the situation of children in terms of protection, education, health and nutrition, social protection, water and sanitation, Insuco submitted its interim report to UNICEF.

A restitution workshop is planned in the coming weeks to gather the observations of the study steering committee and finalize the report.