Training for Proparco executives regarding the risks associated with involuntary displacement - Proparco (AFD Group)


The objective of this training was to provide all the elements necessary to build a comprehensive understanding of norms, challenges and risks associated with involuntary resettlement and particularly to:

  • Master the wording and performance standards / legislations associated with RAP
  • Understand the key elements that require particular vigilance in the context of involuntary resettlement processes
  • Learn what measures can be implemented to reduce risks regarding RAP elaboration and implementation
  • Be aware of the main important challenges associated with Proparco role in its interactions with its stakeholders (project promoter, State) regarding RAP validation
  • Have a clear vision of key success factors
  • Be able to monitor and assess RAP implementation
  • Have knowledge of the different steps, objectives and concepts associated with the process resulting in economic and/or physical displacement

The training was provided on the basis of a two-day course. It was divided into 5 coherent modules, in order to meet all the expectations expressed by the client in the terms of reference, which were used as a basis to build the training. The training material was adapted to Proparco specific needs to be integrated within a reference document, that was delivered to each participant.